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SPME-GC-HRTOF-MS dataset of fermented maize flour volatilome

posted on 2022-07-06, 05:38 authored by Oluwafemi Ayodeji Adebo, Sefater Gbashi, YUSUF OLAMIDE KEWUYEMIYUSUF OLAMIDE KEWUYEMI, Janet Adeyinka Adebo, Sunday Samuel Sobowale, Adedola Sulaiman Adeboye, Patrick Berka Njobeh, Samson Adeoye Oyeyinka, Chiemela Enyinnaya Chinma

The dataset presented herein represents the volatilome of raw and fermented maize flour samples. Maize grains were milled and naturally fermented at 35 oC into sourdough at different periods (24, 48 and 72 h) and, at each point, the profile of the volatiles was investigated. Samples at the different fermentation periods were analyzed using solid phase microextraction coupled with a gas chromatography-high resolution time of flight-mass spectrometer (SPME-GC-HRTOF-MS). Data obtained were classified into different compound groups such as alcohols, aldehydes, aromatic compounds, esters, organic acids, terpenes, ketones, among others and their characteristics such as the retention time, observed mass, molecular formular, mean peak areas and mass spectra also presented. These datasets of fermented maize volatilome can be used as biomarkers for maize fermentation.


National Research Foundation (NRF), South Africa Thuthuka Grant (number 121826)

2022 NRF Emerging Researcher Award Grant


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